Rentgate Launches Online Rental Marketplace


Rentgate is a new all-in-one, inclusive, big-umbrella online marketplace for rentals and on-demand services with a mission to bridge the gap between owners, renters and skilled professionals. The startup wants to change the way people think about “owning” belongings and become the most trusted rental and on-demand marketplace. 

Founded in Ottawa, Canada, Rentgate offers a seamless and convenient way for people to rent out possessions that are not used everyday to make money and help out others nearby. The platform empowers individuals and businesses to improve the environment by re-using possessions and showcase their products to a large audience. Furthermore, Rentgate provides independent contractors a platform to list their services without having to build their own infrastructure.

"The benefits are obvious, you only pay for what you need, when you need it, you don’t have to own obsolete products and you can try the item before buying it". The founders of the startup see a future where people own and buy less while renting more. 

It's completely free to list your items on the platform. You just upload a photo, write a description, set a price that you think is reasonable and Rentgate will list your ad on its rental marketplace. Anyone who is interested in your item or service will contact you directly through the platform and arrange the pickup and drop off. 

If you need to rent a bike, textbook, boat, a drill for some home improvements or a nice dress for your friends wedding, you can rent it on Rentgate for a much lower price than buying. Eventually, Rentgate wants to provide owners with rental pricing suggestions to help them maximize their take, taking the guesswork out of matching supply to demand.

The platform will reduce the barrier to entry for talented individuals by allowing them to get started with new hobbies and professions. The founders hope that the platform will create opportunities for aspiring musicians, artists, athletes and contractors to monetize their work and increase their visibility in front of prospect customers.

  • Mustafa Jasem
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