Custom Inflatable Tent DC-02

Product Description

The inflatable event tent is constructed from professional grade polyester and PVC materials and boasts a unique shape that is modular, meaning multiple tents can be combined, extended and fully branded with your custom graphics throughout the entire structure. Setting up this dome tent is quick and easy! This product is available in several convenient sizes such as 10'x10', 13'x13', 17'x17' and 20'x20'. Whether you need a customized shelter for a product activation, event or exhibition, this dome tent is the perfect solution. 

This inflatable tent is low-weight and can be set up at your event function in just a few minutes. Inflating the tent takes 5 minutes using the provided electric pump. A continuous blower is not required for this product. The tent includes a backpack for transportation as well as the essential accessories needed for set up. The fabric is waterproof, UV resistant and fire-rated.

This tent is fabricated from a heavy-duty 600D polyester material and includes unlimited custom graphics using the dye-sublimation process for vivid colours and high-quality printing! We can print your brand logo, graphics, lettering and colour on the tent roof. Sidewall panels, connection panels (to connect multiple tents), awning visors and LED lighting are optional for this product and could be purchased individually as required. 

Our in-house design team can assist with the customization of the tent. Please contact us for a detailed quote or to see our work.

Download Template 



10'x10' 13'x13' 17'x17' 20'x20'

Head Clearance:

6.2' 7.3' 8.6' 10.4'
Peak Height: 7.5' 9.8' 11.2' 13.8'
Shipping Dimensions: 44x30x30" 52x30x30" 60x30x30" 60x30x30"
Weight: 18 KG 22 KG 27 KG 34 KG


 Product Includes:

1x Printed roof and frame

1x Electric pump

4x Heavy-duty weight bags

4x Commercial-grade pegs

1x Backpack 

Optional Add-ons:

Awning visor

Connection panel (to connect multiple tents)

Regular sidewall panel

Sidewall panel with PVC window

Sidewall panel with zipper doorway

LED lighting kit


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