Inflatable Snow Globe

Product Description

This custom made inflatable snow globe is ideal for museums, shopping malls, resorts, holiday promotions, festivals and much more! The standard sizes for this product are 10ft, 14ft and 16ft diameter. However we could produce larger sizes such as 18ft and 20ft. For entrance options, we offer a direct entrance with a zipper or velcro doorway, as well as an optional tunnel entrance. The base surface could either be bouncy or flat and we can print your brand logo, graphics and promotional message on the base and interchangeable backdrop. 

Our in-house design team can assist with the customization of the inflatable snow globe. 

*Prices are for direct entrance without a tunnel. Contact us for a quote with tunnel entrance and to see our latest work. 


Suggested Capacity:

10ft diameter: 3 people

14ft diameter: 4 people

16ft diameter: 5 people

Materials: Heavy-duty PVC tarpaulin, clear PVC
Features: Waterproof, UV resistant, fire-rated PVC materials
Available sizes: 10ft, 14ft, 16ft, 18ft and 20ft
Blower: 1.5HP or 2HP CE certified blower
Entrance: Direct or optional tunnel (zipper and velcro options available)
Printing method: Digital printing
Package includes:

1x Inflatable snow globe

1x CE certified blower

1x Air pump

1x Ropes and stakes kit

1x Repair kit

1x Storage bag

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